Teaching Experience

Fall 2017-
Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer
Aston University

LP1029: Introduction to Studying and Researching Politics (seminar)
LP2020: The Politics and Policies of the European Union
LP2111: Security Studies: Theories and Issues
LP3107: Democracy, Authoritarianism and Regime Change
LPM047: Politics in South Europe
LPM101: Rethinking European Integration

Spring 2009-2016
Associate Professor
 Bilgi University

IR 179: Politics, Culture and Society
IR 395: Civil-Military Relations
IR 301/2: Comparative Politics I and II
IR 418/563: Politics in Southern Europe
EUR 512: Political Transformation in Europe
IR 515: Regional and Comparative Studies 

January-February 2011
Visiting Professor
Sciences Po, Institut D'Etudes Politiques de Lille, France 

The Political Transformation of Turkey: From the Establishment of the Republic to EU Candidacy  

Fall 2006-Spring 2009
Visiting Assistant Professor
Sabancı University, Istanbul 

IR 201: International Relations Theory 
POLS 348 & 514: Politics of Southern Europe 
SPS 452: Military in Politics and Society

Fall 2001 - Spring 2003
Teaching Assistant 
University of Virginia

GFCP 311: Politics of Western Europe 
GFCP 212: Politics in Developing Areas
GFCP 101: Introduction to Comparative Politics